Motorola MOTODEV App Summits Tour!

I’m pleased to announce that Adobe is participating in Motorola’s MOTODEV App Summits. The App summits are designed to bring developers up to speed in developing Android Apps for Honeycomb, specifically focused on the XOOM with Honeycomb OS, as well as for smartphones like the ATRIX.

I’m also pleased to announce that Mark Doherty and I will be giving sessions on AIR for Android development at these events.

Berlin, Germany – April 11 (Mark)
London, UK – April 15 (Mark)
Beijing, China – April 26 (Mark)
Shanghai, China – April 29 (Mark)
Seoul, Korea* – May 2
Sao Paulo, Brazil* (Terry)
Buenos Aires, Argentina* (Terry)
Mexico City, Mexico* – May 25

If you’re near any of these cities and eager to get your Honeycomb on, or just to check out the cool stuff Motorola’s got going on, please come on down. Register at the MOTODEV App Summit website.

2 thoughts on “Motorola MOTODEV App Summits Tour!

  1. Hi, Terry. Thank you for your announcement. The bad thing is, I am not in those cities you mentioned above. But I wonder would it has online session or recorded that I and other developer can follow?


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