Motorola at Adobe MAX

If you’ve done any Android targeted development, you’ve had the experience of getting your app out only to realize that your app looks terrible on a device you didn’t consider testing. Maybe nobody you know has it. Maybe you thought it would work alright because it works on a similar device. But it’s embarrassing, gets you bad reviews early out the gate, and frankly is a hard problem to combat. You can’t own every device.

Which is why I’m excited that Motorola Mobility is up to something really cool with their sponsor booth at MAX this year. Instead of merely showing off their latest and greatest device, they are setting up a test lab in their space. The test lab will do 3 things:

  • Let you test your device on Motorola devices
  • Help you get your app on the Android Market (They’ll cover the developer license)
  • Potentially aid you in marketing via Motorola Mobility

All in all this is a great opportunity to get some help from an actual device manufacturer with tons of experience in bringing mobile apps to market. It’s tough for a lot of us who are lone mobile developers to get this type of feedback. All you have to do is stumble* into the Motorola Booth at MAX to get it.

This past year I’ve had the great pleasure of traveling with some of folks at Motorola Mobility during their tour for the Motorola XOOM. They’re a great bunch of people to work with, and they have the same passion for their community that we at Adobe do for ours. They’re a great fit here.

This is an awesome opportunity; I recommend that if you’re at MAX you take them up on it.

To find out more, check out the MAX Blog: MotorolaMobility@MAX.

* You can also walk, jog, stride, hop, roll, shuffle, or dance into the Motorola Mobility Booth for the same treatment. Swaggerers need not apply.

Motorola MOTODEV App Summits – South American Leg

A few weeks back I announced that Adobe would be participating in Motorola’s MOTODEV tour featuring the XOOM and ATRIX. Mark Doherty and I will be talking at multiple events with Motorola.

I’m pleased to tell you we have confirmation on dates for the South American (and Central American) leg of the MOTODEV tour.

Beijing, China – April 26 (Mark)
Shanghai, China – April 29 (Mark)
Sao Paulo, Brazil – May 16 (Terry)
Buenos Aires, Argentina – May 19 (Terry)
Mexico City, Mexico* – May 23

Can’t wait.

Motorola MOTODEV App Summits Tour!

I’m pleased to announce that Adobe is participating in Motorola’s MOTODEV App Summits. The App summits are designed to bring developers up to speed in developing Android Apps for Honeycomb, specifically focused on the XOOM with Honeycomb OS, as well as for smartphones like the ATRIX.

I’m also pleased to announce that Mark Doherty and I will be giving sessions on AIR for Android development at these events.

Berlin, Germany – April 11 (Mark)
London, UK – April 15 (Mark)
Beijing, China – April 26 (Mark)
Shanghai, China – April 29 (Mark)
Seoul, Korea* – May 2
Sao Paulo, Brazil* (Terry)
Buenos Aires, Argentina* (Terry)
Mexico City, Mexico* – May 25

If you’re near any of these cities and eager to get your Honeycomb on, or just to check out the cool stuff Motorola’s got going on, please come on down. Register at the MOTODEV App Summit website.