ColdFusion European Tour

After Scotch on the Rocks, Ray Camden, Ben Nadel, Claude Englebert , Alison Huselid and myself are going to tour around Europe, spreading the ColdFusion goodness to the continent. I for one can’t wait.

Here’s our schedule:

Brussels – May 26, 7PM
Adobe Belgium – Culliganlaan 2F, Diegem
More Info

Amsterdam – May 27, 5.30PM
Adobe Systems Benelux B.V. – Europlaza, Hoogoorddreef 54a, Amsterdam
More Info

Munich – May 28, 5.30PM (Ben Nadel, Terry Ryan)
Adobe Systems, Georg-Brauchle-Ring 58, 80992 München
More Info

Zurich – May 28, 18PM (Ray Camden, Alison Huselid)
Technopark, Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zürich
More Info

2 thoughts on “ColdFusion European Tour

  1. I was on Adobe-Brussels meeting today, May/26. I was that guy that ask the ” same question on the last 15 years to Allaire, Macromedia… ” . Congratulations for your presentation !

    I kindly ask you if there is a link on Adobe .com to download a demo version for that magnific Aplication ! I was not capable to find it.

    Thsnk you and have a nice trip on Europe !



  2. Hi Terry, I’m actually also looking for your apptastic plugin. I think I’ve seen it on Raymond’s pc as well during SOTR2010, but it doesn’t seem to be available on riaforge or anything. Could you post it somewhere?
    Thanks, Paul


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