Come be Part of Adobe Developer Week

Adobe Developer Week is next week, and it is shaping up to be massive. We’ve put together a lineup of 19 sessions dedicated to current and pressing topics on the Flash Platform. In response over 20,0000 of you have signed up and are ready to learn more.

I’m personally doing two sessions:

Adobe Flash Builder 4 and Adobe ColdFusion 9

May 12, 2010 2 pm PDT

Flash Builder 4 and ColdFusion 9 were made to work with each other, literally. This session will show you the features in ColdFusion 9 that will make your Flex life easier. You will also get to see how Flash Builder’s new features help to rapidly make Flash-powered front ends for your ColdFusion back ends.

Adobe ColdFusion 9 and Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5

May 14, 2010 11 am PDT

ColdFusion has always been about RAD. It continues to be the fastest way to create back-ends for your data-driven applications. Flash Catalyst can do the same for your front ends, making it easy to create Flash-powered content that people want to use. This session will show you how Flash Catalyst and ColdFusion can be combined for some lightning-fast application development.

So go sign up and be a part of what is shaping up to be quite a massive event.

Make sure you check out the rest of the content:

  • Welcome and Introduction to the Adobe® Flash® Platform: Ben Forta
  • Building Multi-Screen Applications with the Adobe® Flash® Platform and Adobe® Creative Suite® 5: Paul Trani
  • New Features in Adobe® Flex® 4 Framework: Deepa Subramaniam
  • New Features in Adobe® Flash® Builder™ 4: Andrew Shorten
  • Adobe® Flash® Catalyst™ CS5 for Developers: Doug Winnie
  • Building Mobile Applications with Adobe® Flash® Professional™ CS5: Create a Game: Paul Trani
  • What’s New in Adobe® Flash® Builder™ for Java Developers: James Ward
  • New Features in Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1: Lee Brimelow
  • Creating Sexy Applications with the Adobe® Flash® Platform: Designer-Developer Workflow: Serge Jespers
  • A Basic CRUD Application with Zend AMF and Adobe® Flex 4 Ryan Stewart and Kevin Schroeder
  • Adobe® Flash® Builder™ 4 and Adobe® ColdFusion® 9: Terry Ryan
  • Advanced Features In Adobe® Flex®: Ely Greenfield
  • AS34J: ActionScript 3 for Java Developers: Chet Haase
  • Adobe® Flash® Platform and James Ward
  • Adobe® Flash® Builder™ for Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS5 Users: Ryan Stewart
  • Using Advanced Features with Adobe® Flex® & PHP: Ryan Stewart
  • Adobe® ColdFusion® 9 and Adobe® Flash® Catalyst™ CS5: Terry Ryan
  • Adobe® Flex® and BlazeDS Integration with SpringSource: Christophe Coenraets and Jeremy Grelle
  • Building Desktop Applications with Adobe® AIR® 2.0: Ryan Stewart

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