ColdFusion Builder Update 1

I’m proud to say we released ColdFusion Builder Update 1 today.

You can read the release notes for yourself, but the small picture here is that we fixed a bunch of bugs. Most were related to performance or usability. The big picture is that the team kept its promise of faster updates for CFBuilder than we’ve seen from the ColdFusion team before. It’s been 3 months since we released CFBuilder and despite working on ColdFusion 9.0.1 and Storm, the team came through with an update.

In order to run the update, you must use the Adobe Updater. To update:

From the Help menu, select Adobe ColdFusion Builder Updates. The updater files are downloaded and silently installed.

Important Notes:

  • If you are on Windows 7 or Windows 2008 Server, you must run ColdFusion Builder as an administrator to run.
  • If you have issues with update on CFBuilder as a plugin, close Eclipse and relaunch with the –clean option.
  • This will run the Adobe Updater for all of your Adobe software, not just CFBuilder.

19 thoughts on “ColdFusion Builder Update 1

  1. Terry,

    When I run the Adobe Updater on Mac OSX, the ColdFusion Builder update doesn’t come up as being available. On my windows machine, it does. Any clue about this?



  2. On my Win 7 machine I get an error that states no update site is defined. Adobe updater does not run. When I launch Adobe updater from Creative Suite it states that there are no updates.


  3. Fixed. Clicking the wrong link in CFB and apparently the Adobe updater for CS5 does not work with Reader, BF, CFB, or Presenter.


  4. Terry,

    Standalone – but now it’s working. Go figure. There’s definitely some oddities with the app update process – for example I have at least three versions of the Updater client on my MacBook Pro and the one that is supposed to work with CF Builder has in its preferences CS4, which I do not own. It seems that the updater is being replaced by Adobe Application Manager (looks like an AIR app and seems to have been part of the CS 5 install), which seems to work a lot better than the previous updaters.

    The ColdFusion Builder update is welcome but we’ve still got a ways to go to where it wil match Flash Builder in stability and performance. The syntax checking can really slow thing down.



  5. Terry,

    One thing to add – performance on Windows seems just fine – the performance issues I’m experiencing with CF Builder seem to be on the Mac, but the update has still made a very substantial difference.



  6. I can’t get the updater working with a plugin installation on the Mac. The Adobe Updater only lists Adobe Bridge CS4, Photoshop Elements, Adobe Reader 9, All CS4 Products, and Photoshop Camera Raw – CF Builder is not listed in the updater prefs. I’ve updated a couple times, restarted with -clean, etc., but it’s not updating.


  7. I just bought CFBuilder today. I installed it, entered my registration number and tried to run update. Nothing happens. CFBuilder is not one of the Adobe Products that the updater checks.

    OS X Mac Book Pro
    Standalone install

    I previously had the alpha and beta versions installed but I had uninstalled those a long time ago.

    So now what? How to I get the update?


  8. Yes, that’s what I did. The updater runs though all my CS4 stuff but does not check for CFBuilder updates. When its done it reports there are no updates and I can choose one of two buttons; quit or preferences. Clicking Preferences shows all the products the Updater checks and CFBuilder is not one of the products. From what I can see in the Updater preferences this is Adobe Updater 6 that is trying to run.


  9. did you download on the 16th as well?

    Is it possible your version is already at the latest version?

    What version comes up when you look at About ColdFusion Builder in the help?


  10. This is resolved now.

    I rebooted my Mac – No Help

    Then I Uninstalled CFBUilder and reinstalled CFBuilder – This worked. For some reason the Adobe Updater 6 now checks CFBuilder after doing a uninstall/reinstall.

    Reinstalled Version/build
    Version: 1.0.0
    Build: 271911

    Updated Version/Build
    Version: 1.0.0
    Build: 274293


  11. Terrence,
    I am an experienced Dreamweaver developer of CF that has finally decided to move to CFBuilder. Let me tell you, I don’t think Adobe could have made the path more hard.

    I can’t tell you how much of a nightmare it was for me to go from an expired trial version of CFBuilder 1.0 to the update 1. I won’t even begin to explain the hours I spent trying to make it happen on my MacBook Pro and Mac OSX 10.6.x. I don’t know why Adobe hasn’t updated the free trial download yet… this update came out in May and it’s now nearly Nov and it’s still 1.0.0? When I tried to update it the Help > update menu pick was grayed out. I had to hunt and hunt how to fix that problem finding a corrupted something in /Library/…Preferences which kept returning. When it did allow me to access that menu item all it would do is update Adobe CS4 stuff. THat’s it! No CFBuilder update. I had multiple other things go wrong. I searched and searched for anyone with a solution and found lots of others with the same problem. FInally I found a link to the update itself as a stand along download. I got it and tried to run it. It was a ~80MB download so I figured it was all there. But the update run got part way and appeared to hang. I kept giving up after about 5 minutes as the progress bar was stuck. I happened to notice on about the 3 or 4th try that while “stuck” my iStat menu bar app for showing internet traffic showed my Mac was downloading. What? Yes indeed it was downloading more app? WTF? I went to bed and when I returned in the morning sure enough it had completed. WHy why why Terrence…does Adobe make using CFBuilder SO DAMN’D Hard for us to switch to? Geez!!!

    I’ve been trying to come up to speed on using CFB and that is another nightmare initself. Trying to figure out how to set up SVN, a remote server AND a localhost server for local testing is described NOWHERE (I’m talking the whole combo, not pieces.) I want to know what is a recommended workflow to follow for starting a new project through to pushing files to a remote server and to checkin back to SVN repository and find NOT ONE SOURCE of such a flow suggestion. I spent about 8 hrs working on setup and config of CFBuilder and it’s still not clear I got it right! I tried once before when my Trial version was still in play and gave up and went back to DW again because it was too hard to figure out how to get it all put together like I had in DW.

    WHY WHY WHY does Adobe make it so hard!! Geez!!!

    PLEASE get this info back to your developers to have them make the setup more intuitive. And get this to Adobe management and tell them to get some documentation teams on the case to make more tutorials, videos and articles on getting going with CFBuilder. Yes I found a few but they were scant or went through teh forms, filling them out. I found changes between the old docs about beta setup and released version that confused the situation worse. For example, when setting up a Localhost server to I specify it as a JRun or Other in the dropdown menu? I found articles that showed it both ways with no explanation which is correct or why.


  12. Hi Terrance, Each time I start Eclipse, both the ColdFusion Builder plugin and the Flash Builder plugin request serial numbers. I have entered these several times. I have made sure that I am launching Eclipse with admin permissions, I have entered proxy settings into Preferences/General/Network Connections/Manual Provider, and the serial numbers display the green check mark when entering them, but it seems like they just do not save. I notice that the ColdFusion Builder Registration, Deactivation, and Updates are greyed out under the Eclipse Help menu. Any ideas??

    Platform Win 7 64 bit
    Eclipse Version: 3.5.2.R35x (32 bit running in directory program files x86 )
    ColdFusion Builder plugin version 1.0
    Flash Builder plugin version 4.1


  13. Hi Terry
    I’ve got CFB version 1.0.0 and I want to update it. When not run as Administrator the Help -> CFB Updates… says there is an update available (after contacting swupmf which responds ok) but it then goes on to fail trying getting a response from swupdl.
    When run as Administrator the CFB Updates… indicates that no updates are available.
    Any clues? Can I apply the update manually and if so where would I get that from?


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