Max 2007 Day 3

My last day at Max was marred by the technical problems. I was going to give a 5-10 minute demo of some of stuff we’ve done with ColdFusion 8’s Exchange features. My laptop died right before I was to start, then I couldn’t get my laptop’s VGA to display on the projector at the same time. I totally fizzled out. I have to thank Jason Delmore for covering for me, and trying to explain to the audience that I wasn’t a complete idiot.

I then wandered into a session named Best Practices for Creating Great Web Experiences. I was a pretty interesting view into the interworking of a design team. I found it interesting because it was so far afield of what I actually do.

I then wandered around for awhile and spent some time in the community area. There I demoed the exact thing I was supposed to demo at the Boot Camp, basically deleting all of my work contacts from Exchange and letting my ColdFusion application repopulate them. At least someone saw it.

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