Facebook in 17 Minutes

I’ve long thought about doing a blog in 15 minutes demo of Squidhead. But come on, everyone’s done one by now, right?

Then I thought about ColdFusion 8 and its image capabilities, and the image CRUD that I’ve added to Squidhead and thought maybe a facebook type application would be more compelling. So I did it, and put it up on Google Video. (cause I couldn’t get it under 10 minutes.) Then I saw it on Google video and was repelled by the quality of the video. So I have few options to watch it below.

I show off three features of Squidhead in the video:

  • Image CRUD interface
  • Foreign Key usage
  • Scaffolding your stored procedures.

If anyone watches it, please let me know what you think.

UPDATE: It appears that the Flash Version will cause your computer to crash. Sorry about that. I will have a replacement up at some point in the very near future.

UPDATE:Flash Video version works now.

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