Max 2007 Day 2

My day started at the Keynote. I have a few random thoughts about it.

  • Bruce Chizen would be pretty bitter about being the rich and famous CEO of Adobe if he didn’t enjoy it so much. He made me feel guilty though for continuously looking up his salary for one of my work projects. It’s impressive.
  • Scene 7 does some absurd stuff with dynamic imaging.
  • Share looks promising
  • Thermo will be absurd if it does all it promises. Photoshop Composition to Flex application in one click.
  • Next version of ColdFusion is code named centaur. My supposition is that it is so named because if angered, it will shoot you with an arrow, and then trample you to death. It does make me feel a little afraid that they will strap a horse’s body on a shirtless Ben Forta, ala “Scorpio Man.” I am disturbed.

I sat through Sean Corfield’s session on Design Patterns, it was simply tremendous. I tend to be a fan of Sean’s but I’m not exaggerating. He did a great job of explaining the theory and the concepts behind patterns. Even though I thought I knew them already, he did bring a new perspective to the whole thing.

I also attended Ryan Stewart’s session on Air and PDF integration. It looked interesting, but I have no idea why the hell you would ever do it.

If my day looks a little light, I had a minor problem with something back at home, so I had to skip my first session. I also had an opportunity to give an ad hoc demo of Squidhead, so I took it. If for any reason anybody wants a 5 minute demo, drop me a line. I’m always willing.

I finished up the day at Max Awards and Sneaks Session. The following really stood out to me:

  • Visual Communicator is a niche product that will make video presentations very easily. I think it’s going to be a very cool boon to the vlog space.
  • Photoshop express is just beyond cool. Pretty much everything anyone would need to do to a photo can be done in an online client. The demonstrator completely retouched a photo in under 30 seconds. Crazy.
  • Hemant presented on ColdFusion publishing to Air. This is something I really wanted for CF since I saw the Air Bus Tour. They’ve done more with it than I ever thought. You can do online and offline applications. Cooler than what I was imagining.
  • Flash gets skeletons. Very cool.
  • C++ on Flash leads to Quake on Flash. Tremendously cool.
  • Adobe hired that guy who does the dynamic image content resizing.

I ended up skipping the Event, because it didn’t really cry out to me, I had to prepare something for the CF Boot Camp tomorrow, and I’m beat from last night.

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