Max 2007 BOF

I attended 2 Birds of a Feather last night.

The first was Meet the Team: ColdFusion. I think Sean Corfield blogged about it, and I tend to agree with him. I was fully expecting the crowd to go feral again, but no it was quite cordial. I think ColdFusion 8 being so rich, and the alpha and beta program being so inclusive was definitely a big part of it.

The second was Selling ColdFusion Outside of the Community. I think the biggest thing I got out of it was the idea that the ColdFusion community has to start swimming in other ponds. We tend to form an echo chamber amongst ourselves. Then when something negative is said outside the ColdFusion community piles on and just disagrees. Instead we need to be continuously engaging those outside of the community so that we can build credibility over the long whole. So when we tell them ColdFusion is an enterprise worthy language that can really drive rapid application development, they might just believe us.

Afterwards I lured Steve Rittler and Rob Brooks-Bilson over to the Hilton to have a stogie with Ryan Steward and John Piotrowski.

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