Adobe Max 2007 Day 1

I’ll be updating this over the course of the day, so feel free to come back, the contents will change.

For the first time in a few years I did not oversleep at all. I actually made it to see the entire Keynote. There were some cool things to be seen. For me the highlights, in no particular order, were:

  • Refactoring and profiling in Flex. Finally Flex developers have the kind of detailed performance information that ColdFusion developers have had for years.
  • Hydra ?? A language that allows Flash developer to write their own effects.
  • Premiere Express, a web version of Premiere, that while not great for the power editor, would be a huge boon to the amateur video editor.
  • The sheer plethora of Air application that I want to download and try, specifically:
  • Adobe Developers Connect which will now keep the introNetworks application for Max up all year round.

Unfortunately, staying for the entire keynote made me late to my first session. With it booked solid this year, if you are in a popular session, and you are late, don’t expect a seat, or standing room. I wandered into a few other rooms, but nothing grabbed me.

After Lunch I attended the session given by my coworkers. Before I recommended their session based on knowing them; now I can recommend it on the content. They did a great job of explaining how and why they converted a VB 6 Trading floor simulator to Flex and ColdFusion. I highly recommend it: A Virtual Trading Floor: Bringing Wall Street to the Classroom.

Next I wandered into an Inspire session about the design of Buzzword. It started late and had a lot of technical issues. That was a real shame because Buzzword just looks too good to be true. I signed up for a beta, and I’m hoping to get a test account soon.

2 thoughts on “Adobe Max 2007 Day 1

  1. @jeff. Sorry for the confusion. ColdFusion does not have refactoring. But it does have detailed information about what’s going on in each page request, the cfdebug output That was what I was referring to in my statement.


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