Max 2007 Day 0

I’m here, and loving it so far. The venue is ginormous. I was at the Welcome Party, and halfway through discovered that there was a whole half of the party on the other wing of the center. Huge. HUGE!

While at the welcome party I picked up two interesting bits of information.

1. During Ray Camden’s Inspire session on Riaforge, I learned that Riaforge automatically makes a zip of your project if you post it to Subversion. Very cool, and will simplify posting Squidhead updates for me.

2. I caught Damon Cooper and had a great talk with him. In the course of that he told me something very interesting about the business side of ColdFusion and Adobe. I don’t think he necessarily wanted it spread, and I’m going to honor that. But I encouraged him to show up to the BOF session that Brian Meloche is running (and I’m on the panel,) and let the rest of you in on it. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that Adobe as a company is pretty surprised about the success of ColdFusion 8 and that may have very positive implications for its marketing. So, if you see Damon tomorrow, make sure you remind him to go.

I also learned that Steven Rittler smokes cigars, and Rob Brooks-Bilson and I have almost identical taste in TV’s shows, but that’s probably less interesting to you all.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

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