Wikipedia Showdown – Flex 2.0

Inspired by Ben Forta’s appearance at PACFUG, I decided to Flexify an application that I originally wrote as an experiment: the Wikipedia Showdown. It didn’t take that long to write in Flex 2.0. Most of the time was spent fine tuning the position of of the elements and what not. Check it out, I should post the source in a day or so.

Wikipedia Showdown Flex 2.0.

Note: Make sure you have the Beta version of the Flash 8.5 Player otherwise it won’t work.

3 thoughts on “Wikipedia Showdown – Flex 2.0

  1. Sure, Jeff. I will personally notify you when Adobe releases Flash Player 8.5. Any other companies you want me to track for you. Microsoft has a new version of Office in the works, you know.


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