Wikipedia Showdown – Flex 2.0 (Source)

Thanks to a lot of hits today, I was able to refine the Flex 2.0 version of the Wikipedia Showdown , fix a slew of bugs, and comment the source. The source is now available. Thank you to all who tried it and got an error, you showed me a lot (but not all) of what was wrong with it.

Wikipedia Showdown – Flex 2.0 Source

2 thoughts on “Wikipedia Showdown – Flex 2.0 (Source)

  1. Hey,

    I tried with ‘AJAX’ and ‘FLASH’. Though sadly in both instances ‘AJAX’ defeats ‘FLASH’, the Flex version always shows the numbers much lesser than in the CFM version!


  2. It took me a little bit to realize why the different count. The Flex front end version displays the word count. The HTML front end version displays a character count. I will be changing this.


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