CFC’s, WSDL, and Whitespace

I ran into an odd issue this week, and figured I share. I was getting errors when trying to access a CFC as a webservice from another machine. When I actually browsed to the url of the cfc with the wsdl switch I got an error message that the XML was malformed. I examined the source of the wsdl I found a bunch of whitespace.

This cfc actually exists on all of my ColdFusion servers (15) half of which were the same version and patch level, and one that was cloned two weeks ago from the same source as the server having a problem (also cloned two weeks ago.) I checked the copy on all of them and no error, and no whitespace. I checked the ” Enable Whitespace Management” setting, which was enabled on all of the machines, and the malfunctioning server. So no joy.

I added <cfprocessingdirective supresswhitespace=”TRUE”>… Still no joy. Finally I added a <cfsilent> which did the trick. Very strange. Odd that it only effected one server.

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