Defeating Santorum with ColdFusion

In possibly one of the more interesting intersections of my politics, my city, and my work; a new site appeared today, urging Philadelphians to come out and vote against Rick Santorum. Give it a look, it’s a pretty noble cause, and it’s powered by ColdFusion (and FuseBox).

Philadelphians Against Santorum, a campaign of PA PAC for Progress.

4 thoughts on “Defeating Santorum with ColdFusion

  1. Nice site, but I still hope he wins. I like his record and I wish I could vote for him. Here in Maryland, we are likely to have our first interesting senate race in decades with a conservative African American (Michael S. Steele, Maryland’s Lt. Governor) running. Even though Maryland is an exceedingly liberal state, I think he has a shot.


  2. John Phillip seems to like Santorum a bit.

    Mark I do have to agree that the Maryland race is shaping up to be interesting. But I have to admit, I’ve been more interested in their Senate primaries.


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