Introduction to ColdFusion – Winners

I finally have winners for my ColdFusion Developer Week software giveaway. (I had to wait for them to both respond, letting me use their names and whatnot.)

They are:
Wade Stockton, who referred Erik Stant.

I asked Wade why he made the referral. He said:

I work as a contractor for the Air Force. Erik is one of the troops I work with. He has done some Java web work in the past and was interested in CF but needed a kick start to get going. Part of it was selfish on my part, I need help! I have had a couple of really big wins for CF in the shop lately and the requests are piling up.

Jump in there Erik; ease his burden.

Both will receive copies of Master Collection.

That’s right, even though I said I wasn’t going to offer suites I did. The reason I did was the wonderful response I got. I had a great number of referrals to the session, and I thank you. We had a total of 360 signups with over 200 attendees for an Introduction to ColdFusion session.

Thanks to everyone who spread the word.


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