3 thoughts on “Matt Gifford Nominated by .net Magazine

  1. Ben Forta mentioned this too, and I asked him this same question: what is it that makes Matt stand out, ie: why should a person vote for him? I’m not saying one shouldn’t but I see no evidence one way or the other. Ben couldn’t answer this question.

    Is this just a suggestion that people engage in ballot-stuffing?



  2. I’ve worked with Matt a bit here and there and I think there are three things that recommend him. 1. He’s an expert craftsman. What he delivers is awesome, and the code is also awesome. Results, and process are good. 2. He takes the time to assist others, at great cost to himself. 3. He’s awesome to work with, nice guy, respectful, but communicative.

    So great coder, who shares his time, and is a decent guy. Yeah that gets my vote.


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