RIAUnleashed Will Unleash the Awesome

That’s right, there’s a whole heapload of awesome coming at you from Boston this November.

RIAUnleashed is the last East Coast Adobe developer conference of the year. It will also be one of the first post Adobe MAX events. Meaning it will be a great opportunity to question and discuss all of the new things Adobe’s unveiling this year.

To help with that, notable Adobeans will be on hand, including: Ryan Stewart, Adam Lehman, James Ward, Greg Wilson and Christophe Coenraets.

Also Community leaders from the Flex, Flash and ColdFusion community will be on hand: Jesse Warden, Jesse Freeman, Raymond Camden, Mark Esher, Simon Free, Charles Schulze, Brian Diette, Jeff Tapper and Chuck Freedman plus more.

So come to Boston this November 11 and 12 and get in on the awesome.



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