ColdFusion Cookbook Contest

Ed Sullivan announced on the ADC blog that they are starting a new contest around the ColdFusion Cookbook. Every cookbook entry will get you a piece of Adobe schwag. So check out the contest, get the rules, and start writing some recipes.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “Self, I would like to do that, but I have no idea how to participate. I have no recipes.”

First off, stop speaking to yourself in the third person, that’s creepy.

Second, I have some suggested ideas. You are not required to use them, you may use them, or you may use them to inspire one of your own:

  • How can you detect if a browser supports HTML 5 semantic structures like header, footer, and nav?
  • How do you build a RESTful service in ColdFusion using GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE HTTP verbs.
  • How can you call ColdFusion services from PHP?
  • How can you call ColdFusion services from Ruby?
  • How can you call ColdFusion services from the language of your choice?
  • How and why do you run ColdFusion from the console?

So go, get going, write some recipes.

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