Apptacular ColdFusion Builder Extension – Unit Tests

I just cannot get enough of making videos for Apptacular it seems. This latest one is about unit tests, specifically MXUnit tests. I need to test if Apptacular is creating applications properly. I wrote up some traditional unit tests for my code, but I really need to test the code that Apptacular makes. So I got it to generate unit tests that help me determine if the applications that Apptacular creates actually work. However, in the process I have to wire up a few things that make it really easy for you to get started writing unit tests in your applications. So it’s a win-win.

The generator does some smart things like wiring up ORM tests that test across many-to-one relationships. (I haven’t figured out how to do one-to-many or many-to-many yet.) Anyway, check out the video.

Apptacular ColdFusion Builder Extension – Unit Test from Terry Ryan on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Apptacular ColdFusion Builder Extension – Unit Tests

  1. Terry, I think this will do more for getting folks started with unit testing than we who work on MXUnit have ever done. Out-frickin-standing. I’m also psyched that you’re generating the ANT file and custom facades, as well… Those are always annoying hurdles for people to jump over and you’ve made it very easy. One question: does your ant file also include the junit report stuff?

    We owe you much thanks for Apptacular. Cohibas all around, baby!


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