ColdFusion Builder for Dreamweaver Shops

I was asked on Facebook today: “Hi, is this builder applicable if
you are a DreamWeaver shop? Looks interesting. I see it uses eclipse.
I’m trying to see the value in looking at it.”

This is a great question, and like most the answer is: it depends.

If you are a Dreamweaver shop because Dreamweaver has
traditionally included ColdFusion support, and is a more capable solution
then other actively developed ColdFusion editor choices to date, then
ColdFusion Builder is definitely for you. We definitely go beyond what
Dreamweaver can offer in terms of ColdFusion support. If Dreamweaver is
simply “good enough” for your ColdFusion development, but you don’t
leverage all of the HTML GUI goodness that Dreamweaver has to offer,
then ColdFusion Builder is definitely for you.

If you are doing complex DOM manipulation in your front-ends
and really need to be able to drill into those manipulations or if you
use Design view a great deal in your development process then
Dreamweaver may still be the product for you.

Here’s a little feature comparison chart to help you out.

ColdFusion Builder ID Comparisons

Update:  The origianal version of this chart failed to recognize that Homesite had FTP support.  Sorry about that. I thought I had fixed that.  Also Homesite had a way of being extended via VTML. Dreamweaver is extensible via JavaScript.  However neither are/were extensible via CFML.

10 thoughts on “ColdFusion Builder for Dreamweaver Shops

  1. Terrence, thanks a bunch for taking the time to respond. We do use the graphical view a lot (our designers) but our programmers obviously do not. If I chose to put a programmer into the builder, would things still play nice with other DW deisgners? It seems it would. Obviously, my answers revolve more around with compatibility. It seems the builder would offer the programmer a thicker toolset while allowing the designers who do minimal javascript and jQuery continue to be in DW. Thanks again, Jason


  2. Thanks for making that chart..! It certainly put it in perspective for me.. I have Bern enjoying cfeclipse and had no idea what I was missing out on. Downloading it now. Also eclipse has a decent enough inline browser preview that it can ease the need for a wysiwyg on the “what does this look like” end of things.


  3. Eclipse Plugin’s repository allows you to achieve features related to web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript, coding plugins).

    Ultimately, IMO, one should let programmers code in what environment they feel most comfortable in. If someone can write their best code in notepad, then notepad it is for them.


  4. Homesite has Custom CFML Code Assist. This was useful for makers of CF_CustomTags. The author would make a custom VTM for adding code hinting support for the custom tag, to be imported by the Homesite User. I did this in the first Custom Tag I published on the Allaire Exchange.


  5. Also, I really take advantage of custom tool bar icons in HomeSite. I can make custom palettes with a particular series of buttons so that I can use them in a particular order as needed. One example is that I would create a cftry, cfcatch, cfdump, cfabort series of buttons on a palette, then if I needed to I could just click down the row to facilitate some troubleshooting code sessions. Now CFEclipse and CFB have buttons too, but I don’t know if its possible to customize and organize them.

    BTW, I still encounter people using CF Studio, which did have CFML debugging, although if used with post-MX versions that debugging won’t work. (Presently I’m also working with a customer running CF4.5.1 SP2)


  6. That’s all well and good, but *when* is CFBuilder going to be release, and *how much* is it going to cost? I need to plan next year’s budget and if I can’t do it soon, CFBuilder purchases will have to wait.


  7. So basically all CF Builder needs is a Design View (WYSIWYG) and it will make sense for those of us that use Dreamweaver.


    When’s it getting the Design View?



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