ColdFusion + AIR applications

I’m just getting started into this evangelist thing, and I’m having trouble figuring out what AIR applications out there are being powered by ColdFusion on the backend. The only one that comes to mind for me at the moment is Broadchoice.

Can the ColdFusion community help me find the following?

AIR applications using either Flex or HTML/JS that use ColdFusion for any part of their backend

Please send URL’s and any commentary to the comments of this page. Alternately, contact me through my contact page if you’re willing to help, but can’t talk about these things publicly.

5 thoughts on “ColdFusion + AIR applications

  1. I’ll be releasing a tool for extjs shortly (aka before April Conference) that is data-powered by ColdFusion… also a mini-ide…

    ping me off list for more detail…


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