cf.Objective 2008 – Postscript

It’s over and few things need stating:

  • cf.Objective repeated its performance as the awesomest conference ever
  • The entire steering committee out did themselves in terms of content and speakers.
  • Once again, the cf.Objective not only delivers great lectures from the experts, but the ability to actually interact with them.

Almost everything this year was better:

  • Room scheduling – I saw no ad hoc room changes due to audience size.
  • Power distribution – there were many outlets available in every room
  • Venue – I thought the rooms and facilities were just as good as last year, but the staff was much more helpful.

On the con side:

  • Wireless was terrible.
  • The food was hit or miss.

Neither of those two facts was, in any way, a real problem for me. Put another way, if I traveled back in time to tell me that the wireless services and food would suck at cf.Objective 2009, I would still go. Then I would be very mad that I wasted time travel on that.

As with last year, I find myself building a list of things that I will challenge myself to adopt over the next year, after absorbing all of the geek radiation at cf.O. Last year’s list was about starting things: starting local development; starting to use ColdSpring. I think this is more about refining things I have used before, and getting the most out of them.

My cf.Objective 2009 ToDo list:

  • Perfect my build process
    • Move all of my projects over to “perfect one step builds”
    • Utilize Subversion correctly with tags and branches
  • Adopt an MVC framework
    • I’m leaning towards Model-Glue 3
  • Start using AOP in ColdSpring
  • Come up with a topic to speak again
    • I like talking about soft skills within technical areas, to that end I have a few ideas
      • Formal Code Reviews
      • Influence Techniques for Geeks
      • Hiring Effective Developers
      • Selling Professional Development to the Resistant Shop 2: Rise of the Uniformed
    • I might need to come up with some technical presentations,
      • Writing Boilerplate Code
      • Writing Code for Team Reuse
  • Gain traction on the rumor that Mark Mandel has a marsupial pouch
  • Collaborate more with people in the community
    • Contribute to someone else’s open source project
    • Work with someone just for fun
    • Team up with somebody for a side project

So that’s my list. I challenge everyone to coming up with their own, and posting it on their respective blogs.

2 thoughts on “cf.Objective 2008 – Postscript

  1. I would definitely vote for a “Formal Code Reviews” presentation from you. I have loved reading your blog entries on the topic and I think a live presentation would be even better.


  2. I had a good time at cf.Objective too and agree with your general assessment of the conference. I also enjoyed your presentation and the chance to meet you afterwards (remember me…?) 😉

    I think any of your “soft skills” ideas would be interesting. BTW, how does one become a presenter at conferences? Is it by invitation, or do you submit an idea to the organizers, etc?


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