cf.Objective 2008 Day 3

It was with great sadness and dehydration with which I faced the final day at cf.Objective 2008.

Due to my state of “sadness” I didn’t really start taking in new information until Joe Rinehart’s talk on Model-Glue 3: Back to its Roots. Model-Glue 2 broke me of my resistance to frameworks, it made me willing to use them. Model-Glue 3 just makes me want to use Model-Glue 3. I really like seeing things being brought in from the RoR writing process. (Ask for something, a shell gets created, then modify it.) I can’t wait until it’s more documented and ready to go, as I can’t consider myself an expert Model-Glue user.

Then I wandered into Mike Brunt’s session on Clustering and Distributing ColdFusion Applications. I really wanted to hear Mike talk, because he is one of the few public voices on server administration in the community. I admit, I think my brain is full. But I can’t really think it, because my brain is full. I did like the tip to use the default install of ColdFusion in multiserver as an admin node.

Despite that, I went to Jason Delmore’s Building Hybrid Applications with ColdFusion and Java. I got a lot out of this session when he gave it a few years ago at MAX. It’s definitely geeky stuff for people who want to know how things are running under the covers. But this type of knowledge is really great to have when you are trying to figure out what’s going on when your application misbehaves. The part about String buffers was worth the entire session. If you deal with large string operations, take a longer look at this if the presentation comes out. I need to implement this stuff immediately.

Finally the closing section was a nice ending beat to the conference. It impresses me just how much passion the people in the room have to this niche of the professional world.

One thought on “cf.Objective 2008 Day 3

  1. I seem to remember I was in a similar state of “sadness” on day three of last year’s conference… Sounds like this year’s cfObjective was just as good as last year’s, hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to make the next one.


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