2 thoughts on “Squidhead Mailing List

  1. Was just testing out Squidhead and I have got to tell you this is EXTREMELY handy.

    That being said, I have a lot of clients that need to use Varchar(48) as their primary key. Specifically, I have clients in the foster care system where each kid might have a UUID that was created and copied to multiple systems, or a combination of First initial + Last name + last 4 of the social ( yea 3-field key)

    I need those numbers to be unique in my apps.

    Any thoughts on how we would integrate something other than an auto-incrementing INT as the primary key using your app?


  2. To handle non-identity primary keys is on my list of things to explore. However, it’s going to be tough, so I make no promises.

    As for multiple complex keys, I really can’t see me going forward with that. It’s a bit too much for me to promise to support. On the other hand though, one can always write the crud procs for these tables manually, (since as these tables aren’t proper squidhead tables they will be ignored) and squidhead will still suck in the procs to scaffold the cfc’s.


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