Why Use Squidhead?

Squidhead has gone through a little resurgence since I got back from MAX. It’s happened for two main reasons.

  1. I’m using to it to build a more complex application
  2. I talked to a few people about it, and they actually liked it

But it occurs to me that I could/should do a better job explaining why you might want to give it a longer look.

Squidhead might be for you if:

  • You or your organization requires a generator that uses stored procedures instead of inline SQL calls
  • You or your organization prefers using foreign keys and wants a generator that can use them to discover business logic
  • You want to fool around with code generation but don’t the like MVC code that many of the others use.

Squidhead might give you an excuse to:

  • Work with Ant, because of the build.xml files it creates for itself.
  • Experiment with Unit Testing, because it builds its own CFUnit Tests and runs yours too

Squidhead isn’t for you if:

  • You find the name “Squidhead” ridiculous.
  • You’re already using a more established generated or framework

If you’re interested, here are some resources for you:

4 thoughts on “Why Use Squidhead?

  1. Thanks Steve.

    In fairness, it’s not always easy to see what makes your product compelling (especially when you just have a small project and a small community). The only reason I could come up with this is that I talked to a few recent samplers, and asked what brought them to it.


  2. Damn it! I get excited every time I think about using Squidhead until I go download it and realize that it required CF8. Doh! I’m guessing it uses the database metadata to get table info and such, correct? What would it take to make it work on CF7 since some of us can’t afford the upgrade yet?


  3. Sorry Boyan,

    I can’t think of anything necessary that requires 8. I haven’t been running 7 on my development box in so long. You can always run it locally, and transfer the resulting application over to your seven box.


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