Max 2007 – I’m in

It was up in the air for a bit, but I’m coming to Max 2007. I had a conflict that I’m also bummed about missing, but a few things came up that made it hard to stay away.

I’m staying at the Palmer House. If anybody is up for meeting up and having some scotch and cigars let me know. I should have a good supply with me.

My tentative schedule is below:

Time Session
Sun 12:45 PM Flight USAIR 1632
Sun 5:00 PM Welcome Reception
Mon 8:00 AM Breakfast
Mon 9:30 AM General Session
Mon 11:30 AM The Design Shootout with Adobe Gurus
Mon 12:30 PM Lunch
Mon 2:00 PM A Virtual Trading Floor: Bringing Wall Street to the Classroom
Mon 3:15 PM Inspire Session: Building Buzzword, a New Breed of Word Processor
Mon 4:30 PM Inspire Session: Lessons Learned on AIR
Mon 7:30 PM MTT: ColdFusion
Mon 8:30 PM ColdFusion Developer Hiring 101
Mon 9:30 PM Fixing ColdFusion Perceptions and Reputation
Tue 7:30 AM Breakfast
Tue 9:15 AM Inspire Session: Yahoo! Presents “Examples of Integration
Tue 10:30 AM General Session
Tue 12:00 PM Lunch
Tue 1:30 PM Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) Tips and Tricks
Tue 2:45 PM Inspire Session: Design Patterns and ColdFusion
Tue 4:00 PM Leveraging PDF within Adobe AIR Applications
Tue 5:30 PM Sneak Peak General Session
Wed 8:00 AM Breakfast
Wed 9:00 AM Boot Camp for Flex
Wed 12:00 PM Lunch
Wed 1:45 PM XD: Best Practices for Creating Great Web Experiences
Wed 3:00 PM Optimizing ColdFusion Application Performance
Wed 4:15 PM Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) Security
Thu 12:50 PM Flight USAIR 1564

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