Max 2007 – A Virtual Trading Floor

I’d like to highlight a Max 2007 session: A Virtual Trading Floor: Bringing Wall Street to the Classroom. It’s being given by a few of my co-workers here at Wharton (Charles Rejonis, Alec Lamon, and Erin Wyher). I’m not sure about the exact topics that they will discuss, but it’s about a pretty hardcore application that simulates a trading floor. Consequently it deals in multiple transactions per second on large amounts of unique user data. This application was originally a desktop application written in Visual Basic and running in a controlled lab. After a few unsuccessful attempts (because the technology wasn’t there yet,) the Learning Lab team managed to replace the old application with a RIA version using ColdFusion, Flex and Flex Data Services (or LiveCycle Data Services). They ran into a lot of challenges that truly tested the limits of all of the underlying technology.

I highly suggest this session to you all. It’s a great story that responds to the argument: there are some things that RIA’s can’t do. Because here is at least one seemingly impossible thing they can indeed do.

One thought on “Max 2007 – A Virtual Trading Floor

  1. Thanks, Terry! I just found this post by googling my name this morning. This session was very well attended both days, so thanks again for the advertisement. Sorry we missed your ColdFusion BOF at MAX, we were busy eating stuffed pizza. But we would have been better off at your session, no doubt.


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