Want to crash a CF server?

I found a new way to make your administrators life hell.

  • Create an application mapping to a custom tags directory.
  • Put a custom tag named “doSomething.cfm” in it.
  • Create a ColdFusion page named doSomething.cfm in your application root.
  • Call <cf_doSomething.cfm> in that page.
  • Browse to that page.
  • Watch your ColdFusion server die

I kinda feel like I shouldn’t bother with a bug report because, well, it was a pretty stupid thing for me to do. And in fairness, it won’t crash, it just can’t do anything while it’s processing that infinite loop.

3 thoughts on “Want to crash a CF server?

  1. thats why CF looks for custom tags in the caller dir by default before looking for them in the specified custom tags dir.

    thats a stupid cf behavior. if it uses a default dir for customs, it oughta use it first.


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