Squidhead Future

I’m doing some serious thinking about the future of Squidhead, and I some stuff I wanted to run by the small but plucky group of Squidhead users that are out there.

It’s gotten a little unwieldy to do updates for both a ColdFusion 7 and 8 version of the feature set. Additionally, the whole business objects and non-business objects version is also getting hard to support. Finally, there are a whole bunch of features I would like to support but require ColdFusion 8. So here is what I am proposing:

  • Ceasing development of the current version of Squidhead.
  • Starting a new development track that required ColdFusion 8 for application generation. (But then generated application could run on ColdFusion 7.)
  • Dropping the non-business objects version of the code.

Once I did that, I could do the following:

  • Switch database analysis over to use <cfdbinfo> for most, but not all of what I do.
  • This would make adding support for other DBMS’s easier

I’d be happy to hear any feedback you might have on these proposals. Assuming no one objects, I would publish one last version of the old code as 1.0, and then start pruning and working on what I would call version 2.0. (I would also come up with a more standard versioning system.)

5 thoughts on “Squidhead Future

  1. We don’t have a timeline to upgrade to CF8, so I’ll be happy as long as the final app runs on CF7.

    I’ve never used the created business objects; mainly because I have been using a version before they were generated.


  2. @Jeff, it seems unlikely that I will support running Squidhead on Railto. But I can promise to make every effort that the actual generated application will run on Railto. That way, like in shops that are still on CF7, you can run Squidhead on the free developers’s version of CF8, but run the app on any version of CF.


  3. This is a great tool. It can run on a PC with cf8 in developer mode. So it doesn’t really matter to me what the minimal reqs are. What would be useful though would be that if the generated code works under 6.1, 7 and 8.


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