MAX 2006 – Day 3 or The End is Nigh

It seems like all this started just yesterday. But MAX 2006 is pretty much over. I have to say, this has been my favorite MAX to date. I think the sessions I attended were awesome. I didn’t get stuck in too many mislabeled sessions. I also really like participating in MAXUP. I hope they do it again, and if you were thinking about doing it but didn’t, you missed out.

So on to today.

The Sneaks Session was pretty interesting. Despite (or perhaps because of) my strong interest in ColdFusion, I wasn’t wowed by the features they showed off. But in the ColdFusion’s teams defense, I was wowed the first time I saw them. Soundbooth looks awesome. I’ve dabbled in video and sound production, and it looks like Soundbooth was written for my type of user. I know I have a sound, I know it needs modifying, but I don’t know which frequencies I need to tweak. Soundbooth looks like it handles that case well. I’m going to give it a try and also see what some more experienced sound people thing about it. The Fireworks to Flex stuff was also awesome. It makes me happy that they’re continuing the product, especially since they’re tying it to one of their more important products. The rest of the stuff was cool, but outside of my ken.

I attended two sessions today that I think were very good.

First I attended the ColdFusion .Net Integration session. Ray Camden did a great summary of it. I’m excited about this because it has the potential to simplify some of the troubles I’ve been dealing with over the past year. Not in terms of programming, but in server consolidation and what not. Another Wharton Computing Staff member, Dave Konopka, has some good thoughts about it. I hope he blogs some of them like he’s been threatening to do. We were able to corner the speaker, Rupesh Kumar and ask him some questions about why we would use this and not just continue relying on webservices to provide interactivity between .Net and Coldfusion. He boiled it down to security, and performance which are better in the built in version. I buy that.

Tangentially, were all of the ColdFusion team trained by the CIA? None of them would spill anything about Scorpio outside of the areas that they were revealing at MAX.

The second session that I want to mention was the AJAX/Spry Framework Overview. I briefly looked at Spry when it came out, but didn’t have time to fool around with it. This is going to make me make the time. I can’t believe how easy and powerful it looks. Additionally, they spell out a philosophy for it that makes a tremendous amount of success. Once they make it easy to degrade your pages gracefully I’m totally onboard.

Adobe, you’ve done your job. I will most likely be spending money on more Adobe products this year.

4 thoughts on “MAX 2006 – Day 3 or The End is Nigh

  1. Hey, go easy on us, Terrence! We can’t talk about a lot of the new stuff we’re doing for a variety of reasons. Some are irritatingly legal; others are more practical – features are still evolving, and we don’t want to show them off publicly before they have some meat on their bones. That said, if there’s anything you do want to know (apart from the release date, my lips are sealed on that one!) you know where to find me.


  2. Ashwin, I was being totally light-hearted here. In fairness, I’m impressed with your spy-like tightlippedness. And frankly, I’m so eager to find out more because you have really done a great job with what you have let show.


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