MAX 2006 – Day 2

I managed with 3 alarms and a wake up call to get to the keynote. It was interesting, the mobile stuff looks even cooler this year. I can’t wait until Flash gets on the Blackberry, cause I think that’s when enterprise customers are really going to look at Flash as a solution.

Also, my fellow members of Wharton Computing from the Student Services group won a MAX award. They also placed third on the People’s Choice Award. I’m extremely happy for them. They do a such creative and innovative work, so they definately deserve it.

I have to admit, I’ve been a little light on the formal sessions today. Mostly because I was pretty nervous about my MAXUP presentation. I was following Ray Camden which was very intimidating. But it went really well. For some reason I held on to my audience, which is decidely hard to do in that space since there is so much to distract one and it’s so easy to leave. I suspect my cohorts from Wharton were blocking the exit paths. Thanks, guys.

Finally, I have to admit I’m definately a fan of the ability to reach out and really talk to the people I’m used to only reading. I got to sit down and talk for 30 minutes or so to both Ray Camden and Ashwin Matthew in the same sitting. Ray was giving his list of features he really wants for Scorpio, and I found myself saying “Me too” a lot.

I think I’m going to catch the 4:30 MAXUP session on Mission Critical Application Architechture, then stall until the ColdFusion Components Birds of a Feather tonight.

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