Added MT-Notifier

After putting it off for awhile, I finally got Movable Type notifications to work. I now know when comments are posted instead of having to obsessively check my blog configuration page. After that I figured it wasn’t that far a stretch to open up notifications for everyone else.

To that end, I installed MT-Notifier from Everitz Consulting. If you would like to subscribe to a particular post, just check the “Subscribe to This Entry” box on the individual entry page. You have to confirm your desire to do so, but then you’re in business.

You see, I don’t suffer from delusions that everybody is eager to subscribe to Aarrggghh!!. However occasionally people ask questions in my comments, and I’m never sure what the etiquette is. Do I email them back, or do I just comment back and let them find it when they feel like it? Now, I don’t have to worry, the reader can make that decision for themselves.

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