Jim Davis for Govenor (Florida)

I’m happy to share with everyone that ColdFusion is being used to make the world a better place… or at least to make Florida Democratic again.

The crew at Jim Davis for Governor ’06 have created a good looking site that uses ColdFusion, and blogging to reach the state of Florida. The cool thing I like about it is that the main blogger, Matthew Thornton, (disclaimer: a good friend of mine, who comments here from time to time,) gets the blogging medium. If you read the blog, it reads like a blog. It’s got a the right tone and content, as opposed to other candidate blogs that are just a collection of press releases. It’s not just me that thinks so. This guy said it too..

Congratulations to Matt, and the whole crew at the Jim Davis campaign. Now it’s time to win.

7 thoughts on “Jim Davis for Govenor (Florida)

  1. I’m a Republican (just like the next Governor) but I admire what Congressman Davis and Matt Thornton have done with the website. I think more elected officials should listen to their constituents and blogs are a good tool for that two-way communication to take place.


  2. I’m voting for Jim Davis because,frankly, I’m tired of Jeb the magnificent’s b.s. Florida is not very high on the educational monitor, our insurance rates are doubling even if you never had a claim, property taxes have doubled. We are cutting medicaid benefits for the poorest Floridians.I think ALL republicans should be voted out of office and the President and Mr.Foley should be in prison as Nixon should have been Foley for practicing pedophelia and the President for being stupid,selfish and self serving the rich instead of the majority of americans.


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