Little Update to Brackets Reflow Cleaner


I made a little update to Brackets Reflow Cleaner.  This is the Brackets extension that can extract information out of Reflow asset files and allow you to speed up developing designs created in Reflow.

Here’s an example:


I’ve added support for extracting gradient information in both colors, and its own location.

Check out my video to see what Brackets Reflow Cleaner can do.

Apache Config file support for Brackets

I’ve been doing a bunch of tweaking of Apache files on my development machine because I had to do some machine hopping.  In the course of doing that I found myself wishing there was syntax support for Apache config files in Brackets.  I looked; I couldn’t find it.  If I want it, I have to do it.  So I did.


It’s pretty simple, considering that it is a CodeMirror Mode, and I don’t really understand how it all works.  It provides syntax highlighting for .conf files and .htaccess files.

Here’s the GitHub repository; if I get any interest I’ll add it to the Brackets Extension Registry. I’d love to get some other eyes on it to make sure I’m not doing anything colossally stupid.

Reflow Cleaner


Disclaimer: Reflow isn’t intended to be used the way I will layout, and this isn’t an official Adobe thing.  This is just me fooling around with some ideas. 

As a follow up to my post about what you do after you work with Adobe Edge Reflow, I’ve been exploring the source code Reflow creates looking to see what I can do with it. I’ve also been experimenting with Brackets to see if I could use that to deliver some workflow here.  My experiments have yielded the unoriginally named “Brackets Reflow Cleaner.”  It does what it sounds like, it cleans the output you generate with Reflow in Brackets into something approaching that which you would use in a hand coded HTML file. How does it work?

In Reflow, I use the ability to label parts of my design to indicate what I want things to be.  


I label things with element names to output them as elements.


I add a period to the front of a string to mark it as a class.  


From all this I can create an outline that looks like my eventual HTML should look.


Now Reflow doesn’t really care about all this as you can see by the HTML it outputs. It turns them into id’s.


However, I have the HTML. I can run processes on it to convert it to something else.


Now the CSS is a little different.  It is very verbose, full of ids, and crazy percentages. I’m not sure what to do with it.  But I can analyze it and maybe pull out some interesting details from it.







I can even use the intelligence on the classes I setup in the Reflow file to analyze classes to figure out what was the same about them and create common classes for them.


Here’s a video with a complete demonstration of it. 

I wrapped all of this up in a Brackets Extension so that if you wanted to play with it, you could. It’s Open Source and available on github. 

This is an experiment and a starting place.  I’d love to hear from anybody that give this a try.  Is it usable? Does it help you do anything.  Is this a crazy waste of time?  All opinions welcome. 


Theseus – A Promising Reason to Use Brackets

brackets_iconFrom time to time, I show off Brackets, the Open Source HTML/JavaScript/CSS editor Adobe has been working on for the past year and half.  It’s a great bit of work, and it looks great. However, a lot of people point out that there are a lot of other code editors that can be used on HTML out there.  Which is is true – so let me show you a compelling reason to use Brackets: Theseus.

Theseus is a research project that brings debugging to JavaScript in the editor. Not just debugging, but crazy real-time debugging that’s easy to understand and jump right into.  Check out the explanation of Theseus over at the Brackets team blog. And then check out the GitHub repo.   Seriously, if you work with JavaScript, do it now – you won’t regret it.

Also, just as an aside, it turns out that Brackets is up for a Readers’ Choice Award from Linux Journal.  If you’re a fan please give it your support by voting for it.