PHP on App Engine General Availability

appenginephpEarlier this week, Google Cloud Platform announced General Availability of PHP on App Engine.  Developers are now free to use App Engine to power their developer experience using…

Oh wait, you were already using PHP on App Engine. And have been doing so for a few months, or years.  What does this announcement mean for you?

The big bullet point here is that Google is taking the “Beta” label off the PHP on App Engine. It’s is now governed by the Service Level Agreement, and Deprecation Policy.

Now I’m not a lawyer, so all the rest of this is subject to, you know, me not being a lawyer, and therefore any interpretation herein, yada yada. You know, check with your lawyery people before taking my word for it. I’m mostly going to just describe these things, and point you to the actual documents.

Service Level Agreement

The SLA sets expectations for how much uptime Google Cloud Platform delivers, and what happens if they let you down.  It puts forth a number of uptime stats they need to hit, and what Google Cloud Platform will do if they do not meet them. It also outlines what you need to do to get compensation.

Read the SLA for more information.

Deprecation Policy

The Deprecation Policy states how long Google Cloud Platform will try and run services covered by the Deprecation Policy after a deprecation announcement, unless there is a very serious reason not to.

Read the Deprecation Policy, contained in section 7, for more information.

Please, read these with your lawyerly people. Provide them with Scotch, the promise of billable hours, and whatever else you need to give your lawyerly people to make them happy (Orphan tears?  I kid, I kid.  Please don’t sue me.)

This is a signal that PHP is joining the list of technologies that you can feel secure to choose Google Cloud Platform to host.

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