Upgrade Creative Cloud to Creative Cloud for Teams

I was asked this week if it was possible to upgrade from an individual Creative Cloud account to a Creative Cloud for Teams membership AND get the discount for being a Creative Suite Customer. Added complexity? There are multiple accounts to upgrade. It appears to be possible, here’s how you do it.

Go to http://creative.adobe.com.

If you are logged in, log out.


You should have the login screen. From that screen choose “Get Started”

This will takes you to the plans page, navigate to “Plans for Teams & Business”

Under Upgrade choose “Join.”


You will be taken through the steps to join.

Enter the Adobe ID of the account that you want to be the manager of the whole team


You’ll be prompted to enter a serial number for to see if you qualify for upgrade pricing.


After your qualify you will have to go through the rest of the sign up.

At the end, your account will now have the ability to manage a team.


From this point on, you can now invite additional accounts.


Hope this helps!

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