Quick MAX Post

MAX is coming. I’m in total, heads down, write-the-presos mode. I wanted to share what I’m heads down working on.  I’ll have 4 sessions at MAX:

Responsive Design in Action (Lab)

This session is a lab intended to get people up and running with Responsive Web Design. We start in Reflow, to get some of the basics, and then move to code to show how to do it as simply and cleanly as possible.

Programming in CSS

This is a run down of how to be more productive in CSS.  It will include some best practices, an overview of some modern techniques, and an overview of some tools to make writing CSS less of a pain.

Goal Oriented CSS

The idea behind this session to break down a design comp, figure out how to markup the vision, and write the CSS it takes to implement it.  I’ll try and tackle a few common design metaphors in the process. A few examples: iOS buttons, framed pictures with shadows, and vignettes to name a few.

Fast Performance with CSS on Mobile

I have the pleasure of tagging along with Paul Irish on the tools and techniques of writing high performance CSS targeting mobile devices.  It will also introduce you to ways of testing on devices that sometimes may be a little bit difficult to get into.

There are tons of other sessions, and of course there is the promise of a year’s subscription to Creative Cloud for all attendees.

If that wasn’t enough, here’s a discount code for $300 off: MXSM13.

So what are you waiting for, sign up! I hope to see you all in LA!

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