D2WC Next Week

Next week, I’ll be speaking at D2WC, a designer/developer workflow conference in Kansas City, Missouri. 

I’ll be talking about Using PhoneGap Build to simplify your mobile development life. One of the great things about PhoneGap is that it allows you to use HTML JS and CSS to build your applications, but you still have to use native tools to build your apps. PhoneGap Build helps immensely with this, but you make some productivity sacrifices. This session will show you how to maximize your work, and touch as little of the IDE as possible. 

First time for me at this conference, but from what I understand it’s a great conference that tackles a specific topic: getting development and design to work together better. Great goal, really looking forward to it.

May 16-18
Kansas City Marriott Country Club Plaza
4445 Main Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64111

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