Directory Listing in Rhino

This is pretty simple, but I couldn’t find it via searching, so I thought a little write up was in order.

I’m fooling around with Rhino, which is a JavaScript engine written in Java.  It allows you to do a lot, but in my case I am using it to write JavaScript helper scripts for ANT.  I’m working on a project for which I want to only write in HMTL/JavaScript/CSS.  I have to write some ANT scripts, but anything that I can’t accomplish with ANT, which means I need a scripting language to do, I decided to do in JavaScript.  Rhino allows me to accomplish that.

I’ll post more about what I’m trying to do when I release more about the project.  For this step, I needed to get a list of all of my files in my project so I could manipulate them in JavaScript.  I looked for a directoryList function, but only found this post on Directory Traversal. So I whipped up my own script for DirectoryList in JavaScript using Java on Rhino:

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