Speaking at Webvisions Next Week in NYC

I was originally scheduled to help out my colleague Kevin Hoyt as a TA. Turns out that there was a slight scheduling SNAFU and I’m taking a full slot. My topic:

The Future of HTML5 Motion Design

HTML5 and CSS3 are hot, driven by an explosion of new, Internet connected devices. While they offer many new features that should allow you to do the types of things that you previously did in Flash, actually making it happen is really hard. Until now.

If you weren’t sure, I’ll be talking about Adobe Edge, our HTML5 animation tool. It’s currently in beta, and looking pretty cool.

So if you’re in NYC, and want to get some dirt on where Adobe is going with HTML animation or just to get close to some of the foremost experts on the web, you really got to check out Webvisions.

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