BrowserLab is Free

A few months back I did a post about rewriting my site with HTML5. It just got reposted by DZone. It picked up a few reads including one from the Product Manger for BrowserLab, Bruce Bowman.

He took me to task for claiming that you had to be a CS5 customer to use BrowserLab. To quote Bruce:

While it is true that when registering CS5 apps, you are given an opportunity to also get a CS Live account, which includes BrowserLab, it is not required to buy a CS application – anyone can register for a free BrowserLab account, even if they don’t own any Adobe products. All that is required is an AdobeID. They just need to go to and follow the prompts to sign up.

Awesome, BrowserLab is free. Go forth and correct for the fact that browser companies love features and hate developers!

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