Toddler Timeout

My first full fledged mobile app is now on the Android Market.

It’s called “Toddler Timeout!” and it’s got real world uses. If you do the whole timeout thing on your kids, this is a timer for doing that when you’re on the go. That’s right, discipline for your child ANYWHERE!

My plan is to release it on the Android Market first, use the easy to publish nature of the Android Market to iterate over all of the bone head bugs I’ve left in it. I’ve also submitted it to the Amazon App Store too. It’s awaiting approval.

Then once I’ve stabilized it, I’ll get it on to submit it to the BlackBerry and IOS stores.

A couple technical things about it:

  • It uses Flex
  • The timer is a Flex MX PieChart
  • I minimally performance tuned it

Expect a few blogs posts around it soon.

Go give it a shot. Toddler Timeout!

8 thoughts on “Toddler Timeout

  1. Not that I have any toddlers, but I thought I would give it a try. It locked up on the EVO 4G and the NI Adam Tablet. This took place right after I added a name.


  2. Once I cleared the cache and forced it to close once it seems to have resolved the problem on both devices. I am not sure when the database is created, but it might be the cause of the proble (just a stab in the dark).


  3. This is such simple, but effective app. Only other suggestion is a way to stop the clock without killing the app. I thought my phone was off and the horn scared the &*%$ out of me.


  4. @Steve. Weird about the cache killing. I’ve tested on multiple other devices and not seen that. Grr.

    Have to see if we can consistently reproduce it.

    As for the stop option… yeah, I should totally add that. Expect it within a few days.


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