HTML5, Browser Lab, Typekit and New Design

I just got done with a site redesign. I had a few goals:

  • Fool around with new semantic HTML 5 elements
  • Use web fonts for typography
  • Do some jQuery for interactivity
  • Do a proper mobile version

Semantic HTML5
It seems like such a geeky little thing, writing header instead of div id=”header”, but I was shocked at the improvement it made. Much fewer divs made the HTML code so much easier to read, and so much easier to detect an improperly closed div.


2 thoughts on “HTML5, Browser Lab, Typekit and New Design

  1. Very informative post. Do you know how much should I take HTML5 into consideration while my company’s website is being redesigned? I don’t really understand the ins and outs of it, but will it make our site defunct before long, or will we be able to manage and adjust?



  2. Browsers aren’t going to stop parsing HTML4 anytime soon. So it’s not something you have to do.

    But I got a lot out of it, for a very small cost to myself. (A little conditional logic and 10 lines of JavaScript.)

    So think of it less as something you have to do, and something that you might want to do.


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