Finally in print – Driving Technical Change

Ever go to a technology conference, read a coding book, or just get inspired by a blog post to try something new? You try it, you love it, you want everyone else at work to do it. 

Everyone else says “No- not just no, hell no.”

It’s easy to blame your coworkers. But the responsibility lies with you. If something is great, and your coworkers aren’t buying, then you need to up your game.
I had this problem. I worked through it. I started changing what I did. If it worked, I did it more.
I started recording what I was doing and started shaping it into a presentation and a book.
In a moment of hubris, I pitched the book to Pragmatic Bookshelf. In a moment of luck they picked it up. In many moments of staring at a blank screen, I wrote it.
Now it’s in print.
I sincerely hope that what’s in the book helps people change their workplaces for the better. I also hope people buy the book.

4 thoughts on “Finally in print – Driving Technical Change

  1. Well done!!!

    Just waiting until it shows up on Amazon, and then I will pick up a on my Kindle directly.

    Can’t wait to have a read 🙂

    Are you bringing any to cf.Objective(ANZ) ?


  2. Wow, Terry! Congratulations! I can’t pick one up right now, but i’m going to buy one on 12/1. I can’t wait to read it and be bathed in your wit (and expertise!).

    Wait, that sounded dirty.



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