Multiple Screens, One Server – Max Session

There are several ways to approach mobile application development. You can:

  • Write native apps
  • Write mobile browser based app
    • Rolling your own
    • Use a mobile framework
  • Use Flash and an AIR packager
Each has their plusses and minuses, but they all have one thing in common: They have to talk to a server somewhere. If I were to build the ideal server for a mobile application I think it would have the following attributes:
  • Ability to communicate with JavaScript Frameworks
  • Ability to communicate with Flash
  • Ability to communicate efficiently

It’s be nice if it did all that, and didn’t make me jump through hoops to get the same backend to do all three of them with the same code. If you threw in SMS communication, that would just be gravy.

It turns out (quite coincidentally) I know a server that fits all of those criteria. It’s also easy to use, and does a lot of other stuff for you. Of course it’s ColdFusion.
Come to my MAX Session Multiple Screens, One Server, to find out how ColdFusion can speed up your mobile development efforts.

Multiple Screens, One Server

Monday, October, 25th, 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

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