Lanyrd – Awesome Idea launched last week. It’s a site that basically tracks conference information via twitter. So you use your twitter credentials and sign up for various conferences as an interested party, an attendee, a speaker, or an organizer. then presents this information about conferences along with hash tags and other information.

That’s what it does today. In the future there are plans to do real-time tracking of conferences, posting of materials, etc., etc. They also have some features around book and speaker promotion. The future stuff sounds interesting, but the present features are what really got me. How many times have you been to a conference only to find out that people who you talk to all the time on Twitter were there and you missed them because you didn’t see that they were there until the conference was in full swing? This single-handedly sells Lanyrd to me.
Here are are some upcoming conferences I’m going to/tracking so you can see what I mean:

Definitely check out. And if you’re going to any conferences, participate. If you find me at a conference due to Lanyrd, I’ll buy you a beer.


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