AIR Launchpad

Greg Wilson announced yesterday the release of Adobe AIR Launchpad.

These days, I get inundated with new projects, releases, plugins and helpers, so it’s hard to catch my eye. However, let me say, if you are interested in AIR development, you need to take a look at AIR Launchpad.
There are things that many of the cool AIR applications do:

  • Install via a badge, which handles both AIR and app installation
  • Run an automatic updater
  • Have icons for multiple purposes
  • Store configurations locally
  • Use local storage
  • Use a local database
All of these things are relatively easy. However you have to wade through lots of API specific code to get started with it. Each of those bullet points is easily a blog entry. In many cases the blog entry is needed just to wrap your mind around these things.
However with Launchpad, you can create an application with any of these features and more already wired up with very well commented code. In short, why read about it, when you can just do it.
Hats off to Greg and his team for creating a major productivity jumpstart for AIR developers. If you are interested in AIR you need to download Launchpad now.

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