Apptacular Bug Fix – Use Automatic Updates

A couple people have reported an issue that happens when you use Apptacular with “Enable Request Debugging Output” checked in the ColdFusion Administrator. Basically, the XML that is supposed to go to ColdFusion Builder has the debugging tacked on to the end of it rendering the XML invalid, and Apptacular dies.

I thought I had a fix for it, but I was wrong.

So I added a new fix for it.

You can go to and download it…

or you can use Automatic Updates. To do that:

  1. Launch ColdFusion Builder.
  2. Right-click and bring up the Apptacular context menu.
  3. Select Check For Updates.
  4. Click the big ole “Yes, I want to update!” button.

That’s it; if you don’t choose to run the update you’ll get a subtle indicator that an update is available until you do update.

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