Get Apptacular

We’ll be releasing Apptacular soon on, but I’m tired of saying “It’s coming soon.”

You want Apptacular: Go get it:

If you have any issues, please report them using this site:

If you want to participate in building Apptacular, you want to look at the source, and tests, etc. Check it out on GitHub:

If you want to know more about what Apptacular can do for you, check out these tutorial videos:

4 thoughts on “Get Apptacular

  1. I’m trying out Apptacular and ran into an error creating an application. I was able to create one fine the first time. I then deleted the applications files added relationship mappings to my database and tried to create the application again. When I tried to create the application this time I got an error alert saying “Error occurred while parsing response form handler “/handlers/handlerCreateProject.cfm”. Check log for more details.”

    Which logs is it referring to, and do you have any ideas what may cause this?


  2. Logs should be in Apptacular/handlers/logs.

    Looks like CreateProject isn’t liking the XML sent from CFbuilder to apptacular. If you delete everything, make sure you also delete the .apptacular folder in the project, as that can cause issues if you’ve significantly altered the database. In any case, send me the logs when you find them.
    terry at terrenceryan dot com.


  3. I’m still having an issue. I removed everything for Apptacular and started with a clean CF Builder workspace, empty website and a new download of Apptacular. As for the log file I don’t see the folder you mentioned Apptacular/handler/logs. Any ideas or any chance you may have a min to take a quick look.

    Best Regards,


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